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If we talk about Chandigarh everyone knows how beautiful it is but no one knows that each year more than 1 lakh people come to Chandigarh for a temporary stay which generates the requirement of Room Services and PG in Chandigarh. In this students are more in number than employees because Chandigarh is the capital of Punjab and Haryana and students come from Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal come here to study at reputed universities like Punjab University and Chandigarh University for their higher studies and also Chandigarh provides the best competitive exam preparation institutes like Akash, Allen, Helix, Unacademy and many more. so we can say from the age of 16 to 50 there are lots of people who look for PG and rooms.

It's difficult to find a perfect PG according to the requirements of the students. Some want an affordable PG and some want to live luxury over price. There are lots of other requirements like location, food availability, laundry service, and environment they are looking for. FindStay is a web application that helps students find their PG accommodation according to their requirements. With a large and correct PG database find a perfect match for the students. though over PG in the CHD request form, we get their requirements.

PG in sector 34 Chandigarh for Students.

Most of the PG accommodations owners only offer PG to students in Sector 34 because there are lots of educational institutions in Sector 34. Half of the area in Sector 34 is commercial which includes IT companies and education centers and the other half of Sector 34 is residential in which 30% of Houses offer PG services. In this 30%, there are around 100 plus PG Houses. Sector 34 of Chandigarh is best for students because this sector has every facility required in student life like food markets, grocery stores, medical clinics, stationery shops, parks, and most importantly the biggest library of Chandigarh is also in sector 34.

What things you have to look for searching PG in Chandigarh.

Good Accommodation

You can use the type of accommodation that you are comfortable with. There are rooms for 3 adults, 2 adults or a single person. All the rooms will have proper beds and required furniture. Electricity supply is throughout the day. You can choose that you want a room with an air conditioner or not. Every pg will have a clean and proper bathroom. And it is even on the people using it, how well they maintain it. Every room will have a separate Almira for each person staying in it.

Food Quality

Most students who are staying on pg in Chandigarh complain that they don’t get good quality food. But if you are going to stay in once of the pg that is selected through our portal then you will not a complaint about this anymore. All the food is prepared with fresh and quality ingredients. Students can complain to the owner if they found any problem with their food.

Room Cleaning

If the student wants to study while staying in Chandigarh, then it is a must that they stay in clean rooms. As clean surroundings will help them concrete better in their studies. Rooms are cleaned at least twice a week. And if you have any special requirement of getting your room cleaned more frequently, then you can ask the owner for that.

Timing Issue

In Chandigarh, there are thousands of places to stay. Every place has its timings. Some people don’t want to get bounded by the timing issue. They don’t want these restrictions. So, here on our portal, you can choose the type of PG that you are looking for. We have both independent and non-independent place to stay. Most non-independent places having a closing time of 9’o clock.

Laundry service

There are a lot of students who find it difficult to wash and iron their clothes. And they can't even get them washed from their home. So, students can avail of the additional laundry service. This will help them a lot to make their life a bit easier.

Easy Market Access

Every sector in Chandigarh has its market, which is nearby to its residential area. So, it doesn't matter in which sector you choose your pg, you will always find a market near you. You just reach these markets by walking. There are outlets like 24-7 which are open 24 hours a day.


We know students who are living outside their home have a limited budget. And they can’t afford expensive places to stay. Here, you will find places that will not put much pressure on your pocket. Accommodation will start from Rs.5000 and it will go up to Rs.10000/month. You can use the place which best suits your budget and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions about FindStay.

Why FindStay is a perfect web tool to find PG in Chandigarh?

FindStay is a perfect tool because of its direct links with PG owners. Our PG Database includes PG information like location, price range, gender accepted, and food availability which is updated from time to time by our team with physical verification of the pg.

How FindStay work?

It's a clean and easy process, students fill out the form and our tool matches the requirements with our PG Database. For eg. if someone selected pg in sector 34, with food and shared room then our tool will share the details of the field with that pg owner who can fulfill the above requirements. In the last PG Owner will contact the student and finalise the agreement.

How FindStay different from other PG listing websites?

Yes, FindStay is different and that difference makes FindStay the best among others. FindStay data is agents free means there is no middleman between the tenent and the PG Owner. We provide physically verified PG accommodations Only. So we save money for both the tenant and the Owner.

What information is required by FindStay to help find a Paying Guest accommodation in Chandigarh?

FindStay portal requires the information that helps to find perfect accommodation match details like Name, Contact Number, PG required for Male or Female, Location Preference, Food Service, and Room type.

FindStay Services Paid or Free?

Finding PG in Chandigarh with FindStay is free of cost. By submitting your enquiry our real PG owners contact you directly. You do not have to pay any commission to FindStay or any other agent. So you can save from 500 to 5000 Rupees.

Which Sectors are covered by FindStay?

FindStay Covers all major PG Accommodation Sectors of Chandigarh. These are Sector 34, Sector 22, Sector 15, Sector 21, Sector 20, and Many More.

How Mach a PG cost in Chandigarh?

In Chandigarh average shared room PG Costs around 7000 to 12,000. But if you are looking for a single room in PG then it can cost 15,000 onwards.

PG Rates in Sector 34 Chandigarh

Room Type Approx Charges Amenities
Single Person Room Rs. 18000 Comman Kitchen, Bed, Personal Cabinet, AC, Food, Study Table, WiFi, Electricity Bill Included
Double Sharing Room Rs. 10000 Comman Kitchen, Single Bed x 2, Personal Cabinet, AC, Food, Study Table, WiFi, Electricity Bill Included
Triple Sharing Room Rs. 7000 Comman Kitchen, Single Bed x 3, Sharing Cabinet, AC, Food, Study Table, WiFi, Electricity Bill Included