About - PG in Chandigarh!

A PG Accommodation or a Paying guest is a furnished room in a home or in a flat with all basic requirements of the person such as freshwater, food, Clean rooms and attached Toilets with WI-FI facility which feels like home. In Chandigarh Paying Guest(PG) Business is a boom because they provide a home for many students and employees in Chandigarh which are here for the limited time. Paying Guest (PG) is rented out to stay for a short time which is 1 month to 6 months and as well as for a long time like 6+ months.

On an average, the monthly rent of pg in Chandigarh starts from ₹4000 and goes above according to the location of accommodation, facilities provided by the Paying Guest Accommodation (PG), and most importantly depends on Occupancy of sharing room by people .i.e Room for Single person is higher than Two People or Three people Sharing same Room. Also, If the person wants to stay for a long period of time that will help him/her to lower the cost of rent while making the agreement because the owner of the pg accommodation also wants that the guest stays for a long time in this accommodation.

PG is available at walking distance in Chandigarh.

In Chandigarh city, the best part for people who want to stay in pg is they can get it in any location(sector) means every sector in Chandigarh have pg accommodation so the person can get it near the work office and institute to save the travelling expenses by walking at destination on your own.

Do I need to pay an advance deposit for paying guest?

Yes! Normally PG owners in Chandigarh ask you to make an advance Deposit of One month Rent or it can be less than that and sometimes there are few PG Accommodations in Chandigarh where the PG owners do not ask for any advance deposit. Advance-deposit also has few conditions to get back the deposit.

Safety measures for girls taken by the owners.

safety of the girls which are under 18 yet is taken seriously by Some pg owners in Chandigarh. Girls who are in Chandigarh for there higher school education and preparing entrance exam coaching for IIT JEE (Main + Advanced) have special pg in Chandigarh with extra rule and regulation and extra safety. A lady Security guard with the register for the records of girls coming and leaving the pg and having the contact number of the parents to confirm something related to their child.

Some Conditions are there to get back the advanced Deposit!

It happens Many time people who complain about not getting their security deposit back while vacating from the PG. The reason is, the PG owners inform you to tell them a month before you vacate the PG so they can refund your Deposit. Many People forget about this condition or they might have to vacate suddenly to move to another city or another area or because of any emergency. In these cases, the owners of PG do not return the deposit because they haven't informed in advance.p>

There are also Luxury/Executive PG in Chandigarh!

There are plenty of Luxury and Executive PG Accommodations in Chandigarh. But you will have to pay extra for more comfort and luxury. Advantage of a Paying Guest (PG) over a Flat or Room!

Advantage of a Paying Guest (PG) over a Flat or Room!

In Chandigarh, the room and flats rents are very high! Plus If you need to rent a house, you will have to pay 3 months of rent as an advance security deposit and it will cost 3 times more then PG rent Which is also without electricity and water bill Charges. Food has to be cooked by you or you have to hair a cook which cost more. For students and working professionals it will be waste of time and also may be difficult to meet these expenses as compare to Paying Guest (PG), in which you just have to pay one month rent in advance and you can easily move in with all your baggage and accessory and get a furnished Room having all facilities like home. So staying in PG is preferred over a rented House or Room.

Sectors which are most reliable for Pg.

Sector 34 - Because sector 34a is the main hub for students and professionals. This area of the sector is all about institutes and IT Companies. So, Sector 34b and 34c are only available for Stay. So, there is a high volume of pg are available on rent for boys and girls especially students.

Sector 44 - All sectors which around sector 34 are having high numbers of pg accommodation because of walking distance to 34.

Sector 22 – This sector is in the list because it also has one plus point than other sectors that is Shastri Market which is the famous market all over the Chandigarh because of its cheap prices and incredible type of products like clothes, shoes, home accessory, sunglasses and much more.